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April Update

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

School Holidays

1. Scratch Matches 9th April

To all of those who booked sessions this weekend, we hope you have fun. These sessions are now fully booked.

Please wear your Raiders Uniforms. Remember, there is a limit of 2 spectators per player. Masks remain compulsory, unless you have a valid exemption.

2. Uniforms

Our uniform consists of a Raiders Playing Singlet and Raiders Playing Shorts. If you do not have both, your team will be penalised, although this will not happen until week 5, we may not be able to assist close to that date, so best to organise as soon as possible.

Singlets - For those who do not have singlets yet, please email Caroline Giumelli, and arrange to pick it up, please allow 1-2 weeks to get these organised, it will NOT be possible on the day of the game.

Shorts - (including other merchandise, like Hoodies, Socks, Crop Tops, etc) are available for a second occasion. Please use this link to order. Noting that all orders will need to be collected from outside the front door at 235 Hale Road, Churchlands from sat 30th April. If you have queries, please email Matt, or Pete, or click here to purchase online.

3. Year 1 and Year 2 Under 8's

Year 1 - We were inundated with people interested in joining the Year 1 program, and had to close it early. We have been able to open up for a few extra, this session will be on Friday afternoon at 4.30 at the Lavalla campus. If you are interested, please contact me directly. Please note there is only space for an extra 5-6 Year 1 children. THERE IS NO ONLINE REGISTRATION AT PRESENT

Year 2 - We have space for a few more players. If you wish to play, please click here.

Both Under 8 programs are due to start the first week back after school holidays, we do supply singlets for the kids, but there is no need to have Raiders shorts. We will organise singlets for the first session. More information about this will be sent to parents and carer's in the next week or so.

4. Training over School Holidays

Please note there is NO training at any venue on the school holidays, starting Monday 11 April.

We have negotiated access for all of our teams to be able to train on the last Monday of the school holidays at their existing venues (Monday 25th April, Anzac day public holiday). This applies for Holy Rosary, Churchlands, Lords and Newman. Please note, if you are training at Newman, I will send a separate email to coaches and managers, which you must reply to, otherwise you will not get access.

Unfortunately Bendat stadium is closed on Monday 25th April, so they are not able to accommodate anyone training there.

5. Coaching Course

We are still intending to hold a coaching course, particularly for the first time coaches. Please stay tuned, and if you are struggling, please reach out to myself, or Paul Trettel, we will try to get to one of your sessions to support you and your team.

To keep on top of information, please check out our website and facebook.

Go Raiders!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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