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Player Grading This Weekend 10-11FEB!

Please note trials are this weekend - Saturday, 10th February and Sun, 11th February.

There are no other trial dates.

Hi everyone and welcome to the new season. As highlighted in my prior communications, grading sessions will be held this weekend over both the Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 Feb respectively.

Trials will be held at Churchlands Senior High School Gym, Lucca St (just off Hale Rd). We are using their facility due to the availability of two courts at this gym, plus the foyer space at the back.

All children are asked to arrive in the gym foyer at least 15 mins prior to their session where their name will be recorded, they will be marked with a number and also noted if they are a Newman student (outcomes of these trials are being provided to Newman to assist in their team selection process also which will start from next Monday at school).Parents are asked to remain in the foyer and not make their way into the gym.

If you wish your child to play in teams in the Top 3 divisions of any year group for Boys U14 and above, and Girls U12 and above, then we request you have your child attend these gradings. Note that due to the sizes of the Boys U14 and U16 groups we have split these into separate school year groups. For the girls gradings we want to maximise attendance by all players as we continue to strengthen our girl's programs.

All teams nominated on a social level for these year groups will be placed in Division 4 or lower. Should they perform at a much higher level during this year and end up in a higher division then this will be noted for next year's trials.

Selection process is basically separated into two areas being skills and team play. We will first place your child in a team based on these first two criteria, with consideration also given to where they were placed last year (which teams/level) and any nominations provided to our registrar to minimise disruption for your child.

Timings are outlined below with trials including both a skill and scrimmage session with the scrimmages used for fine tuning selections and understanding how players operate in a team environment, beyond just their natural skill level.

Sat, 10 Feb - Day 1 Grading Trials

  • 11:30am: Set-up and get ready.

  • 11:45pm: U12 Girls trials (Court 1)

  • 12:15pm: U12 Girls move to Court 2 (scrimmages)

  • 12:15pm: U14 Girls (Court 1)

  • 1:00pm: U14 Girls move to Court 2 (Scrimmages)

  • 1:00pm: U16-20 Girls (Court 1)

  • 1:45pm: U16-20 Girls move to Court 2 (Scrimmages)

  • 1:45pm: U14 Boys Year 7 (Court 1)

  • 2:30pm: U14 Boys Year 7 Boys move to Court (Scrimmages)

  • 2:30pm: U14 Boys Year 8 (Court 1)

  • 3:15pm: U14 Boys Year 8 move to Court 2

  • 3:15pm: U16 Boys Year 9 (Court 1)

  • 4:00pm: U16 Boys Year 9 on both courts

  • 4:30pm: Wrap-Up

Sun, 11 Feb - Day 2 Grading Trials

  • 11:15am: Set-up and get ready.

  • 11:30am: U16 Boys Year 10 (Court 1)

  • 12:15pm: U16 Boys Year 10 move to Court 2 (Scrimmages)

  • 12:15pm: U18 Boys Years 11 & 12 (Court 1)

  • 1:00pm: U18 Boys Years 11 & 12 split into two groups for scrimmages

  • 1:30pm: Wrap-Up

I look forward to seeing your child at gradings on either Saturday or Sunday. I will be there for the entire time so please reach out should you want to discuss any matters.


Gary Hale


NHR Raider Basketball Club

M: 0400 720-740

E: garyhale@ozemail.comau


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