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U8's Registration

Welcome to 2023 - Raiders Basketball U8 Aussie (Year 2) and Raiders (Year 1) Hoops. Registration will open in late February.

Junior Manager
Francesca Worley

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Raiders Hoops Facts:

  • The Lavalla Hall will be focussed on your U8's competition to provide extra training sessions, including potential games or comps for U8's - both year 1's and Year 2's.

  • We will be providing balls at Lavalla Hall such that every child will have the right size ball available to them for training.

  • We will look to select parents and some of our higher age players to support training of our miniball kids.

  • We will continue to increase investment in coaching mentors and development of 'Raiders' syllabus and game plan - this includes on-line drills and skills

  • We will add additional components to our U8 Competition to include adhoc games through access to the new Lavalla Hall basketball centre, as well as support for Year 1 teams (Hawks program is focussed on Year 2's).

  • Year 2's - Skills training and games are played on Tuesday evenings between 4.15 and 6.15 (2 time slots) at Bendat Stadium.

  • Year 1's - 1 hour sessions consisting of basic skills and game play will be run weekly and be held at Newman College - Lavalla.

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