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Awards for 2022

Thank you to everyone for your engagement and participation in the 2022 Winter basketball season. Thanks for choosing Raiders Basketball Club and making it such a fantastic club to be part of.

We were inundated with feedback on worthy award winners for this year.

The following people have been successful.

Coach of a Junior Team (up to U12) for 2022

Simon Devilin (RA612)

Manager of a Junior Team (up to U12) for 2022

Judy Troy (RA605)

Coach of a Youth team (U14+) for 2022

Ron Zec (RA648, 656, 662)

Manager of a Youth team (U14+), 2022.

Amanda Styles (RA653)

Junior (Emerging) coach of 2022

Nathan Brain (642)

Coach of the Year, 2022

Mark Nolan (RA681 and 638)

Commitment to Coaching Award

Wayne March (RA658)

Club Person of the Year 2022

Caroline Giumelli - for nine years of service on the committee, the last three years as uniform coordinator. Caroline's contributions in the club have been invaluable. 2022 was Caroline's last year on the committee.

Francesca Worley- for being the glue that ensures the club thrives. This year has been much more difficult with COVID and the large number of fill-in players that have been needed.

Paul Trettel - for the organisation and management of all of our coaches, he has excelled in the early stages of the season, ensuring that teams are matched with coaches, and then throughout the season ensuring that coaches have had access to ongoing education.

There were many more nominations, and I am sorry I could not give awards to everyone who had amazing things written about them.

Congratulations to our Grand Final Winners for 2022

Girls U14, div 2, 691 (Coach: Mike Dunstan)

Boys U14, div 1, 646 (Coaches Nick Worley and Ben Borgas), Div 5, 938 (Coach Mark Nolan), Div 8 642 and Div 8 (Coach Nathan Brain)

Boys U16, Div 8, 656 (Coach Ron Zec)

Boys U18, Div 1, 665 (Coach: Carlos Uribe)

Year 1 program 2023

We still need a coach for Year 1 program for 2023, one person has put their hand up to help manage, but it also requires a coach to run it. Without someone to do this role, the program will not be able to go ahead. If you are able to help, please contact Paul Trettel.


As many of you already know, I have now stepped down as president of Raiders Basketball Club. It is a great club, that I have loved being involved with, thank you to everyone for your support and assistance in making the club run so smoothly, especially to your amazing committee. I would encourage everyone to think about how they can be involved to ensure the future success of our club. We will make announcements about the structure of the committee and approaches to grading over the Summer break.

Enjoy your break,

Go Raiders,

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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