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Club Update

Dear Players, Parents and Carers, Finally, if the stars align, we should be able to get the Friday night games kicked off this weekend. Saturday played last week and will continue on Saturdays until we have to close again. I have a few items that I would like to bring to everyone's attention. Fixture changes Because of the cancellation of the first few weeks of grading games, you will have noted some changes to your up coming fixtures. Please re-check your games to ensure you do not miss any. Please also note the next few games are also grading games. The fixtures for ongoing games will be released once the grading games have been completed and teams can be placed into appropriate divisions.

Byes are unfortunately a necessary evil and due to limited court space. Hawks take great care to try and share the byes around so all teams get equal amounts. Uniform Penalties Hawks have advised that as of the weekend of 21/22 May, there will be penalties for teams that are not in uniform. Raiders uniform consists of the club - issued singlet, Raiders shorts and white socks.

We will try in the near future to have a session where you can come and purchase shorts, hoodies etc, more information once a time and date has been confirmed. Annual General Meeting and Coach and Manager's meeting These two meetings will be combined on 23 June, at 7.30 at Newman Sports Centre, off Tuscany Way. Please note it in your diaries. Coaches Corner A massive amount of work has been undertaken to organise coaching sessions for our coaches. Now that COVID is hopefully at bay again, we intend to hold a Community Coaching Course, this is intended for any coach planing, or currently coaching domestic basketball (this includes Raiders). As a club, we will pay and organise this.

Provisionally, we are hoping to have this on Tuesday evening 1st June. PLEASE mark it in your diary and do your best to attend. If you have never attended this course, or would like a refresher, you are very welcome to attend. If you have not done a course but cannot make this date, please let us know and we can look to link you in with an alternative site to do it.

Following this, we hope to have some less formal education sessions and Q&A with Coaches on 8th and 15th June. More to come and sent directly to coaches soon. Intensive skills sessions These have been delayed on several occasions. They are now scheduled to be on, full steam ahead this Friday, 14th May, U10 and miniball 4-5pm Lavalla U12 5-6pm Lavalla U14 6.15-7.15 Marcellin U16+ 7.15-8.15 Marcellin. There are still a few more spots available for the U10/miniball and U16+ groups. If you would like to join, please let me know as soon as possible. Raiders Photographer. Raiders has asked Damian Doyle, a local Woodlands resident and superb sports photographer to come and take some photos at our games. He will start this weekend. If your team has been chosen, we will alert your manager to inform everyone. We hope to get to most teams over the season.

A separate email has been sent to managers and parents who originally indicated no (or we have interpreted as need more information), on the consent for photo question on registrations.

Essentially, photos from the game will be shared with team, through the manger for their game ONLY. This will be done through a private link.

Files will be accessible to the Raiders Committee, but not the general public. Any photo to be published on social media will only occur after permission has been granted from the parents of the player(s) in the photo. This includes the opposition. No names will be listed, unless express permission has been given, but this would only be to celebrate a significant achievement or similar. It would be a rare event. Go Raiders!!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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