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Coach/Manager Meeting & AGM

Dear Coaches, Managers, Players, Parents and Carers,

The season is now well underway, the division your team is currently in is likely to be the division you remain in. There have been issues with grading games having been plagued by numerous COVID outs, which may make some divisions not perfect, but hopefully most teams will be competitive.

1. Coaches and Managers Meeting and AGM

Wednesday, 22 June 2022, Newman Sports Complex

We wish to invite all coaches, managers and interested parents/carers to our AGM and coaches and managers meeting. As previously advertised, this will be on Wednesday evening starting at 7pm, with drinks (supplied by the club) and then the main meeting starting at 7.30pm, with a very short AGM, and then going onto the coaches and managers meeting. All members are welcome to the AGM, and we request only coaches and managers attend the second part of the meeting.

The coaches and managers meeting is a great forum for raising concerns, and discussing future plans with regards to the club, training venues, and coaching.

The venue will be the Newman Sports Complex, attached to the Newman Marcellin Gym, right next to the car park off Tuscany Way, Churchlands.

While I would prefer to have the meeting as an in-person meeting, it will be possible that we can use Microsoft Teams to allow those who are not able, or do not wish to attend in person to be part of the meeting. If you would like this option, please email me directly by reply email.

2. Committee 2022/2023

The Raiders Committee is the heart and soul of our club. Consisting of parents and friends of the club who volunteer their time and effort for the benefit of your children. To continue this essential service, there needs to be some changes in the committee, with several committee members's children not playing next year. Raiders, as a club, need new members, thoughts, ideas and voices.

I ask all of our Raiders family to consider if you can assist in helping our club in the next phase. There are many roles that can be filled, but in general, there are only four committee meetings per year, so not a large impost.

If there was anyone who would be able to step up now and assist Francesca, in terms of liaising with teams and sorting out fill ins, that would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact me, or any of the committee members to discuss.

3. Uniforms

A reminder that your club singlet is to be worn for games ONLY. It is not allowed to wear it at training, as this increases wear and tear.

To keep on top of information, please check out our website and facebook.

Go Raiders!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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