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End of Season Notes

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

We hope you have all enjoyed the season, the last game of the season will be Friday/Saturday 26/27 August, and for those in Under 14 and above, with finals coming, we wish you luck. We need everyone’s help with the items below. 1. Awards

Please respond to me with your nominations for the following awards. I gauge these based on the number of emails and the content of the responses. a. Best manager of a junior team (U12 and below). b. Best coach of a junior team (U12 and below) c. Best manager of a youth team (U14 and above) d. Best coach of a youth team (U14 and above). e. Best young coach (school aged coach). If you feel the coach or manager of your team is worthy of recognition with one of these awards, please talk to other parents and get others on board, let's make sure the right people get these awards. Replies close at 5pm Monday 29th August. 2. Return of Singlets and Equipment

On the Friday and Saturday of the last game, we ask all players to return their playing singlets. Please give it to your manager immediately after the game - even though it stinks, we will wash it and have it ready for next season. It will need to be in good condition, otherwise you will forfeit your deposit. If you do not return your singlet, you will NOT be able to play with Raiders in the future. We will have representatives from our committee present on the weekend of 26/27 August to receive the singlets, equipment bags and balls. If you have a bye, please return them to your manager this week. For those in finals (U14 and above), you can return them at the Youth wind up on Wednesday 14th September. 3. Photographer

Unfortunately our photographer was only able to start half way through the season, but many of you will have met Damian at your games. He will still be photographing a few over the last few weeks. Please make him feel welcome when you do. All photographs are available on his website. You will note that Raiders photographs are password protected. Please contact your manager for the password to access the photos of your game. Managers, if you do not remember the password for your team, please contact myself, or Francesca. These photos will be deleted at the end of the season, and lost forever. So if you can find one that you love and wish to keep it, there is a small fee of $5 to download it. Do not leave it until too late as there is no option to retrieve at a later date. 4. Windups

Teams in U12 and below will be given their medallions once the singlets are returned. You will be able to organise your own informal end to the season. For teams in U14 and above, we will have a wind up for the presentation of trophies on 14th September in the Newman Gym, more information will come through your managers closer to the time on this. The sessions will be from 6pm, through to 9pm, with the younger players and Integrated players in the early sessions. Under 8’s will have separate arrangements for singlet collection, this will be through your managers/coaches and our committee. Please bring your singlet to the last session, if you cannot make it, please ensure someone else takes it for you on the last session. 5. Committee positions vacant and required to fill.

We hope you have enjoyed the season, as with all sports, the reason our club runs so well is due to an amazing committee. They are the fabric of our club, and it is a privilege to be part of it. We welcome new members, and need two specific people to join.

a. Treasurer.

Our treasurer is stepping down. He is happy to share it with someone for 2023, but will not be able to continue beyond this. So we are looking for anyone with an understanding of money to help out this year, with the view of taking over in 2024. If you have any queries about what is involved, please reach out to Mark Lockyer, our treasurer over the last three years, or me. b. Year 1 program coordinator. This year we have had Troy Houlahan and Simon Dimmatina who have managed the Year 1 programs for us. Their kids are now moving to Year 2, so we need someone with an interest in basketball to step up and help out our Year 1’s. Unfortunately if we do not have any volunteers, we will not have a Year 1 program in 2023. c. General Members We are keen to refresh our committee and have new people come and join, particularly if you have younger kids in the club, to ensure the health of the club going forward. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact me, I am happy to talk you through what is involved. It will be less than you think, particularly with such a supportive group. Good luck for the end of the season,

Go Raiders!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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