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End of Season Update

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

Sadly, for most teams, the season is coming to an end. I hope you have all enjoyed it, I have been very proud of the way our players, coaches, and spectators have handled themselves and represented our club. This email is to provide important information about the end of season and also seeks your feedback on member-nominated awards for 2021. LAST GAMES The last sessions for our Year 1 Raiders Hoops program and the Hawks Year 2 U8's program will be this week and the last games for Under 12's and below will be this weekend Friday 27th and Saturday 28th August. The last games will generally be 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 for all divisions. This is to ensure that all teams have a competitive last game. Fixtures should now be updated, please double check the time and location of your game. Finals are played in U14 and above. These will be 1v4 and 2v3 on 3/4th Sept, then the winners will be in the grand finals played on 10/11th September.

UNIFORM RETURN Immediately after your last game, we ask ALL players to return their singlets, to their manager. Please attend to any significant stains or soiling prior to the last game. PLEASE ensure you bring a change of clothes - perhaps think of others in the team and pack 2 shirts. Teams with a bye, will be asked to send the uniform via their manager to Bendat where we will be collecting uniform singlets. For those teams playing in Finals you will need to return your shirt washed and dried to your manager at the Youth Wind-Up. REFUNDS All registrations included a $25 deposit dependent on return of the playing singlet, we have been able to increase this to $30 per player (in all age groups, including U8 and integrated). This will not apply to those who have already received a partial refund. The manager of your team will be given the money, you will need to liaise with them to receive your refund. Payment of the refund will ONLY be after the players singlet has been returned IN GOOD CONDITION. JUNIOR (HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT) COACHES We are very grateful for the time and effort all of our coaches, but especially our junior coaches, put into the club. In recognition of this, we will be thanking our junior coaches by giving them a token of our appreciation. We would like ALL our Junior Coaches to attend the 7.15pm session of the Youth Wind-up. JUNIOR WIND UPS (Raiders Hoops, U8, U10, U12) All participants in under 12, and below will receive a medallion for their contribution to the team. These will be given to managers to hand out after the conclusion of your last game. We encourage teams to have their own wind ups, please liaise with your manager regarding this. YOUTH WIND UP (U14-U18 and Integrated Basketball Players) The Youth Wind up will be held at the Newman College Gym on Wednesday the 15th of September.

Teams will come in age groups and have their awards presented in front of their peers. We will also be acknowledging teams who made finals and those who won Grand Finals, our Junior Coaches and our Club Awards.

The time for each group is as follows; 5.50pm - Raiders Integrated players AND Year 7 Awards 6.30pm - Junior Coach Session AND Year 8 Awards - Boys and Girls 7.20pm - Year 9 Awards - boys 7.45pm - Year 10 Awards - boys and year 9/10 girls 8.10pm - Year 11 and 12 Awards After your presentation session, players will be welcome to head to the club rooms for a soft drink and snack for the players. The bar will be open for adults. AWARD NOMINATIONS Every year, we give club awards to coaches and managers who have showninitiative and seem to go over and above in supporting their team. These are judged on submissions from players and parents from within the team. I would be grateful if you feel that your coach or manager have done an exceptional job, if you could email me by replying to this message and advise why they should receive an award. We have the following awards that we invite nominations for:

  • Coach of the year for a Junior team (Miniball, U10 or U12).

  • Coach of the year for a Youth team (U14, U16 or U18)

  • Junior Coach of the Year (must be a high school student)

  • Manager of the year for a Junior team (Miniball, U10, or U12)

  • Manager of the year for a Youth team (U14, U16 or U18)

SPONSORS A massive thank you to our sponsors this year, Pincho's, the Concrete Pool Company, Hayes Information Systems, Amalgam Recruitment and West Coast Health.

We would welcome people who are interested in sponsoring to get in touch with us early so we can plan any merchandise with you in mind. Please contact Matt Green if you wish to find out more. 2022 Raiders will be introducing several changes for Season 2022. These are in response to the number of teams that we anticipate we, and Hawks can accommodate next year due to court space. We will also use 2022 to introduce changes to team submissions and grading. I will put out a further notice to all members once these plans are confirmed. Lastly, a massive thank you to you, our club members, for all of your assistance and support throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2022. Go Raiders !!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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