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Intensive skills training

Dear Players, Parents and Carers, Thank you if you have already registered for the 2021 season. If you have not, I would like to let you know about a training session we are planning, although registration is MANDATORY prior to booking a position.

Before letting you know about the skills training, I first need to correct some errors from my prior email:

  • Formal, team training starts the week beginning 15 March (NOT JAN).

  • The coach and manager meeting is Monday 8th March (NOT 9th March).

Intensive individual skills training sessions.

This year we are keen to provide more intensive training framework for individual skills for our players. This is relevant to players who are committed to practicing a minimum of 30 minutes every day to improve throughout this course, and hopefully beyond. The sessions will include individual skills rather than team skills. This includes, but is not limited to ball skills, shooting skills and strategies for attacking the rim. It is designed for committed players that are not currently playing WABL, but are willing to commit time and effort to improve their abilities.

If it becomes apparent that the player is not putting in the time and effort to practice, their position will be offered to the next person on the list. If someone does not attend one session, their remaining bookings will be cancelled, so please only book the ones you know you will be able to make.

The sessions will be run by coaches with extensive personal playing and coaching experience. We are hopeful to have additional coaches and experienced players come and assist in the sessions.

The sessions are ONLY open to those who have already registered. Both boys and girls are welcome. If you register for the sessions prior to registering to play for the season, the position will be voided and handed to the next in line.

Each session will run from 5pm to 8pm, with different age groups per hour.

Under 12 from 5pm - 6pm. These sessions are NOT appropriate for year 3 and 4 players.

Under 14 from 6pm-7pm.

Under 16 from 7pm to 8pm.

We are hoping to have on the following dates; location listed if already confirmed.

Thursday 28th Jan, Newman Marcellin Gym

Tuesday 2nd Feb, Newman Marcellin Gym

Thursday 4th Feb, Newman Marcellin Gym

Tuesday 9th Feb, Newman Marcellin Gym

Thursday 11th Feb, Venue TBA

Tuesday 16th Feb, Venue TBA

Thursday 18th Feb, Venue TBA

Tuesday 23rd Feb, Venue TBA

Thursday 25th Feb, Venue TBA

Sessions will be capped at 14 players per hour on a first come first in basis. Players will lose their position if they do not show improvement in skills that would be expected from someone committed to the compulsory home practice component.

There is NO charge for players attending these sessions, they are paid for by Raiders Basketball Club.

If you would like to attend please click here.

Please note these sessions are designed for people not yet playing WABL all of this will be covered within WABL team training.

Kind regards,  

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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