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Mandatory Vaccination

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

While Raiders does not have a stance on mandatory vaccination, we are required to work within the laws governing Western Australia and Basketball. Please also be aware, that these rules can change.

As of 31 January, COVID vaccination is mandatory requirement to attend many places.

There is no mandatory requirement for vaccination to play at Raiders, however those who are not vaccinated will be restricted in places they can attend and play. Unfortunately neither Raiders, nor Hawks will be in a position to specifically cater for those who are not vaccinated. If someone is not vaccinated, and requires clarification, feel free to discretely email me, I’d be happy discuss further with you. As of 31 Jan 2022: There is no requirement to be vaccinated to play basketball - read BWA statement. However, given that we play and train indoors, there are requirements on entry to basketball playing courts for individuals (playing or spectating who are 16 years and over):

Playing Venues: Bendat: DOES NOT require mandatory vaccination (included on BWA statement). Lords: DOES require vaccination. Training facilities: Newman - DOES NOT require vaccination after school hours when we use it. Holy Rosary - DOES require mandatory vaccination.

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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