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Season Start Prep

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

You will all hopefully have your team lists now, we are looking forward to a great season, but have a few more things to organise before we can kick things off. There are two important meetings and several announcements below. Completing the team You will have received the list of players in your team. You will also have been asked to organise a coach or manager, if they are not present yet. It is not hard to pick up the coaching, particularly in younger grades as we plan to have a coaching course and regular sessions. There is a wealth of knowledge on our website to help with organising sessions also. The manager's role is not a large imposition, although teams cannot function without one. The coach cannot do both jobs, hence PLEASE put your hand up if no one else has. We need to have all volunteers in place BEFORE the Coaches and Manager's meeting below, your kids and your team will miss out if you do not have a manager. Coaches and Manager's meeting All coaches and managers are invited to an introductory session, this will be on Monday night 8th March at 7.30pm at the Newman Sports Hall. We are limited in capacity, so it is only for the coaches and managers, we ideally need one of you present for the meeting. Court allocations We are waiting for football to finalise their training times, once we have these we will release the court allocations, as per previous years, committee members will get early access with everyone else getting access, after the coaches and manager's meeting. Your coach and manager will organise this and then let the team know. Please liaise amongst your team to work out availabilities. If you have organised training at your school, then thank you, the school will also need a copy of our insurance. Please check with the school and email me for this, by return email. Singlet collection (and shorts)

Saturday 13 March, 8am, to 10.30am The Raiders uniform consists of a club singlet, club shorts and white socks. The singlet is supplied by the club, you have all paid a $25 deposit which will be returned with return of the shirt.

Shorts will be available to purchase at the Singlet collection day. While Raiders socks are available for purchase our uniform consists of white socks only, so it is not compulsory to buy Raiders socks.

Second hand shorts - this year, we want players to bring back their shorts from last year that no longer fit, we will purchase them for $10 and sell them to others for the same price - $10, this is a new initiative in an effort to reduce waste, and to ensure that everyone gets them. Please do not bring your shorts if they are not in a condition you would be happy to purchase!

As per last year, we are happy to have managers come down and collect all the singlets and shorts for the team. If this occurs, please ensure they have correct sizes.

Coaches bags will also be available at Singlet Collection. Call for coaches We have a large number of teams this year, unfortunately the pool of coaches is insufficient. As with every year, we are very keen to hear if you, or someone you know, is keen to coach. We have a great support network and education planned. Please let Paul Trettel know if you can help.

Grading games.

Year 3 (miniball) and older teams will have 2-3 grading games before commencing the season proper. The grading games occur on one of two weekends. I have listed the relevant weekends below. If your team cannot make grading, please let me know as soon as possible.

Week 1, 19th March (Fri night) - Girls Miniball (Year 3) and Girls Under 14's.

Week 1, 20th March (Sat), - Boys Under 10 (year 4), Boys Under 14, Boys Under 18 and Girls Under 12.

Week 2, Fri 26 March (Fri night), Girls Under 10 (Year 4), Girls Under 16

Week 2, 27 March (Sat), Boys miniball (Year 3), Boys Under 12, and Boys Under 16.

Under 8 programs.

Both year 1 and year 2 programs are going ahead, but don't commence until Term 2. We will send team lists and relevant information in the next few weeks. You will need to attend singlet collection, but the coaches and manager's meeting is more for the Year 3 upwards. Please also be aware that we are short on the smaller singlets, as we have been inundated with registrations. We have ordered more and if you miss out, we will have some by the time the season starts for you. Integrated basketball competition Last year we had a very successful integrated basketball competition over the July school holidays. This year we are hoping to have more frequent games, they are scheduled for several Saturday afternoons from 12.00 - 1.30pm at Churchlands. It would be great if some of our high school players come along and play. More information on it shortly, but if you are interested, the dates and contact details click here, please note the first games are scheduled for Sat 27 March.

Players wanted We are pretty much full to the brim, however we have a few positions available for U10, Year 4 boys. If you know of someone in that age group who wants to join, please let our registrar, Glenn Macri know. Season commencement Training starts the week of 15th March Grading games on the weekend of 20th or 27th March. Normal season commences weekend of 24 April. Under 8's commence week starting 26 April. Go Raiders!!   

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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