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More Raiders Coaches Complete their Level 0 Community Coaching Course!

Last month over 20 Raiders coaches, including 14 junior boys and our first two junior girls coaches, completed their Level 0 community coaching course at Newman College. The course was taken by Damien Barr from Hawks and involved a mix of both theory and practical drills. We are pleased that so many of our coaches are now accredited, with a large number of younger players wanting to participate. Please congratulate the following people on completing their course:

Baden Wheals Ash Borgas Kevin Brahim Max Marlborough (Jr) David Silver Barros (Jr) Cooper Mason (Jr) Brandon Hale (Jr) Ashlee Hale (Jr) Lyla McPherson (Jr)

Tim Hollemans (Jr) Josh Haslam (Jr) Jack Cooley (Jr) Isaac Robinson (Jr) Kurt McCullough (Jr) Luke Sampon (Jr) Ben Borgas (Jr) James Lockyer (Jr) Ben Perkins (Jr) Nic Trettel (Jr)


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