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Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

Coaches, Managers and Singlet Collection

1. Coaches and Managers

You all have contacts for your teams. Please ensure you have nominated a coach and manager for your team. If you are struggling with a coach, please email Paul Trettel.

All coaches and managers must register on the PlayHQ website using the link that was sent with your team registration - DO NOT PAY MORE MONEY. We need you to register as soon as possible so we can invite you to the coaches and managers meeting which will be as a Teams meeting 7.30pm, Wednesday 16 March.

2. Uniform requirements.

Singlets - Provided by the club, see below.

Shorts - these are also part of our uniform, but need to be purchased by the individual. They are available to purchase online, please see point 4. Merchandise below.

Socks - we recommend white, but this is not an essential element of the uniform.

3. Singlet Collection

This will be on Saturday 19th March, 8.30-11.30, at Newman Lavalla Campus:

Please try and organise pick up of singlets through your manager, if you are not sure what size you are, you are welcome to attend. We need to record all numbers and sizes. Please ensure you do not attend if you have COVID, or any symptoms suggestive of COVID, or if you are a close contact. Although close contacts can now attend school and work, they need to isolate in all other circumstances.

All attendees will be required to wear a mask for their safety, and for that of our volunteers. While we would love for you all to hang around and chat, please do not stay for longer than is needed.

4. Merchandise

While we have organised for payment on the day in the past, we STRONGLY encourage you to order your shorts, hoodies, crop top, socks and any other desired products on line using the information below. This link will close at 6pm on Friday 18th March. We will have the items ready for collection at the Singlet Collection above. We are not able to send/post. It is likely the costs will increase after this date.

  1. Click here

  2. Once in PlayHQ Click get started button at the bottom

  3. Choose a user (yourself or your child, either is fine) click continue

  4. Ensure details are complete for that user and click save+continue

  5. Tick the terms box and click continue (there are no fees, this is just part of the system)

  6. Choose each item you wish to purchase, click add and then choose the next item etc.. noting the following

    1. Hoodies are on the larger side, so if in doubt go a smaller size

    2. Each playing child will receive a mask for free so no need to buy them one unless you want additional masks for yourself or other family members

    3. There are sizing charts for the shorts and crop tops in the pictures

    4. Shorts are compulsory for all players, everything else is optional

  7. After clicking continue at the bottom you will enter payment details and click confirm and continue

  8. Payment will be taken and you order will be picked and packed ready for collection on Saturday (please bring along a copy of your purchase order as proof of purchase in the event we cannot find your order) under the name of the player or parent you used during this process.

5. Wanted players

We are desperate for girls in Year 9-12 to complete one of our teams. If you know of anyone interested in playing, please contact Justin Ford.

6. Training times

Court bookings will open after the coaches and managers meeting. This is another reason to ensure you have your coach and manager registered, otherwise they will not receive the link to book. Please also discuss between each team as to what times would suit. Our access to court space is limited, so often the first choice may not be available.

7. Clashes

It is inevitable that there will be clashes over the weekends that the grading games occur. Each team will likely play 2 games over the weekends of 25/26 March, 1/2 April and 8/9 April. If there are times over these weeks that most of the team would not be able to attend, please let me know through your manager, as soon as possible as I need to alert Hawks by lunch time on Tuesday 15th March.

Please note we cannot accommodate individual requests, only team requests.

8. Registration Year 1, Year 2 and Integrated Basketball program.

People on the waitlist for year 1 and 2 have been contacted to register, if there are spaces available after they have had a chance to register, we will open up for others, this is currently planned for Tuesday.

Registration for Integrated Basketball Program is now open on our website, click here.

9. Emails being lost

Please check with others in your team that they receive this update. Given it is sent through MailChimp, it does go to spam in many cases (including my own email account). If it does, please register it as "not junk".

Thank you for your patience, we are busy working behind the scenes to make sure the season goes smoothly. The emails will stop soon.

Go Raiders!!

Richard Nolan

President NHR Raiders Basketball Club


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