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Spectators returning

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,  You will all have heard that the WA government will now move the State of WA into phase 4 as of Saturday 27th June. This has massive implications for basketball. In essence, we skip right up to the final level (Green-150). There are a few things to clarify. Firstly this is from SATURDAY, unfortunately FRIDAY is still on the current rules. I wish to also make some comments on this as well as introduce the RAIDERS INCLUSION TOURNAMENT below.   As of Saturday 27th June (current rules of NO spectators applies to Friday games as per last week): Basketball games at both Lords and Bendat Basketball Centre ARE permitted to have SPECTATORS

  • Mandatory that all persons entering the Venues are to hand sanitise on arrival and departure

  • Recommend to only arrive a maximum of 30 minutes pre-game tip off and depart within 30 minutes of the game concluding. Please be aware that benches and equipment need to be cleaned, so move away from the court quickly.  The arriving team should wait until cleaning has taken place before moving onto the benches.

  • Spectators are asked to physical distance when seated on the orange chairs if not within their family group. Onus will be on the spectators to be responsible for this. 

  • No requirement to keep lists of spectators. 

  • No unnecessary contact - avoid hugs/kisses/handshakes/high 5's etc. 

  • DO NOT ATTEND basketball competitions or training in any capacity if you have a fever, sore throat, a cough or shortness of breath. 

  • All participants in the game need to bring their own labelled water bottle and sweat towel. No sharing of equipment or food.

This weekend's fixtures will remain the same, next weekends will change due to these new guidelines, please check if you were scheduled for a bye as this may change. Great news all round today. I wish to make a heartfelt thank you to the Hawks and Raiders committees for all of their had work and to all of you for your patience during this difficult time.   

GO RAIDERS. Kind regards, Richard Nolan

President NHR Raider Basketball Club


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