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Raiders inclusion tournament

Dear Players, Parents and Carers, 

It is with great delight that I announce the first Raiders Inclusion Tournament. As you are aware, we have an Inclusion arm to our basketball club. This consists of high school boys and girls who have some form of intellectual or physical impairment who enjoy basketball as much as able bodied kids. They currently train on Friday afternoons.  

This year, on Saturday 11th July (middle weekend of school holidays) between 8.30-11.30am at Bendat stadium, we will have our FIRST tournament consisting of both disabled and able bodied players.

There will be 8 teams, each consisting of 2 Inclusion players, and up to 5 able bodied players with altered rules to ensure both groups have equal fun. There will be a round robin tournament with 7 games in all. There is no winner as the intent is to have fun and to increase friendship groups. 

We have secured the venue, we now need the following:

1. Players. 

We would like to invite all high school students from Raiders to register. All teams are mixed, so we'd love both males and females to come. There will be a cap on numbers as we are only able to have an extra 40 able bodied players. If there is someone you would love to play with, please let us know.  

2. Umpires.

We have been able to secure some funding for umpires ($10/hour), we need 2 per court, so we will need 8 umpires.  If you would like to both play and umpire, we can arrange that too. 

3. Coaches. 

We need 8 parents/coaches to help with managing the teams on the day, experience NOT required. Just a rough understanding of the game and a willingness to be involved. 

4. Contact details. 

Dean Hodgson is running the event, please forward all questions and expressions of interest to him, Email. I am really looking to the Raiders community to make this the event we all want it to be. 

GO RAIDERS. Kind regards, Richard Nolan

President NHR Raider Basketball Club


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